AETC 2017 - Add-ons, Apps and Extensions: Customize, Personalize and Expand G-Suite

Addons for Docs

Lucidchart Diagrams - Create charts and diagrams  

EasyBib - Citation generator and bibliography manager

Template Gallery - Extensive number of templates for a wide variety of documents

g(Math) - Generate equations, graphs and other math graphics

Doc Tools - Power tools for organizing and formatting text

Extensis Fonts - 1000s of fonts for creating documents 

Doc to Form - Easy tool for converting worksheets style documents to a Google form

Revision History Analytics - Creates data visualization for which users contributed to a document

Word Cloud Generator - Create Word Clouds from the text of documents

Easy Accents - Tool for adding accented characters from a variety of Latin alphabet based languages


Add-ons for Sheets

Wolfram|Alpha for Sheets - Integrates the Wolfram|Alpha search engine within a sheet

Awesome Table - A suite of Add-ons for integrating data from throughout G-Suite into a spreadsheet.

Sites Catalog, Files Cabinet, GeoCode, People Directory, Publication Workflow, Photo Gallery

Power Tools- Advanced Options for data management and clean-up, working with formulas and more.

g(Math) - Generate equations, graphs and other math graphics

ProjectSheet - Create Gantt charts and WBS work breakdowns within Google Sheets


Add-ons for Forms

Choice Eliminator 2 - Eliminate options from a multiple-choice, dropdown, or checkbox type of question

Form Values - Save commonly used choices and answers from your forms

FormLimiter - Stops the form from accepting replies after a certain number of responses.

CheckItOut - Create check-in and check-out forms with different questions on the form for each

FormsPublisher -  Takes form responses and creates a Doc, Sheet or Slides document containing the responses.  


Extensions for Teachers

DF YouTube - Remove comments, playlists and suggested videos from YouTube pages

AdBlock YouTube - Block ads on YouTube pages and within YouTube videos

Screencastify - Record screencasts, including your voiceover and picture within picture

Genius Web Annotator - Allows users to collaboratively annotate a website and share the annotations

EasyBib Toolbar - Allows easy citations and bibliography management

Goobric -  Works with the Doctopus Add-on for Google Docs to allow use of a rubric within documents and streamlines score reporting to students and for grading


Apps for Teachers

G-Suite Related Apps - Drive, Calendar, Classroom, Keep, Photos, Hangouts

Polarr - A powerful photo editor - A diagram and chart creator

StayFocusd - An app to help control distracted and non-focused web surfing

OverDrive - A Chromebook-only app to allow virtual check-out of media from your local libraries.

Model PeriodicTable - An interactive Periodic Table with built in quizzes and teaching tools

Kine man - A virtual moveable skeleton allowing for poses and close examination of the way the human skeleton works.

Human 3.0 - A 3D atlas of human anatomy and health conditions

Derive+ - A Calculus differential calculator and tutor

myHomework Student Planner - A digital student planner

SeeSaw - Student Portfolio creator




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